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Our Vision, Mission & Values


Boustead Plantations adopted a strategy to steer the Group not only towards optimising efficiency, productivity, and profitability but also commitment towards environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity.


To remain committed in our focus on R&D and implement breakthroughs at all levels and processes to maintain our technological edge.

To achieve greater economies of scale by seizing opportunities to expand our landbank in Malaysia and the region.

To enhance our efficiency and productivity via effective cost management and excellent managerial and agronomic practices to maximise productivity per unit area.

To provide optimal coaching and training to all levels of employees, the primary engine that drives our business.

To explore new business opportunities that will yield the highest return.


We are committed towards environmental protection and conservation of biodiversity.

We will conduct ourselves with the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

We strive to be open-minded and receptive to new and diverse ideas, driven by information technology and innovation.

We are committed to being a preferred provider by meeting, if not, surpassing the quality and standards set by our customers.

We are dedicated to the mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and contractors, who are our partners.

We acknowledge and respect local cultures and values wherever we operate in.

We are committed to ensuring sustainable long-term growth and the highest return to our shareholder by steadfastly being productive and competitive.