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Social Responsibility

Priorities for any employment opportunities are given to the local population and surrounding communities of the estates.

It has always been the Group's practice to have a very close relationship with employees who rely on the company for much of their social and economic needs.

We provide integrated housing complexes, clean water and electricity supplies for our employees. We also ensures that our staffs, workers and their families have access to modern social and recreational facilities such as mosques, churches, temples, community halls, canteens, school, playing field, clinics, dispensaries and crèche.

Our Hospital Assistance programme also provides free medical treatment, safety, health and environmental programs for the surrounding communities.


As one of the key participants in the plantation sector, the Group is fully aware of the importance of prudent management of natural resources. To this end, the Group has initiated various environment custodian efforts.

We have successfully implemented several best practices which have helped to conserve and protect the environment. This includes a zero-burning policy which is aimed at minimising pollution. Another example is the unique automated and mechanised composting process designed to use empty fresh fruit bunches to produce organic fertiliser.

We are also a founding member of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which encourages the implementation of good agricultural practices. We have commenced the process of self assessment programmes to ensure that we remain a conscious oil palm grower as preservation of the environment cannot be taken for granted.

For more information on the Group's environmental efforts please refer to our handbook titled Towards Sustainable Agriculture